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BAD Happy Hour Offers should you STAY AWAY from?

At After5Specials, we find a lot of places that offer really bad happy hour specials. A bad happy hour offer is one that fails to attract customers, does not provide sufficient value for the money, or creates a negative experience. Here are some elements that can contribute to a happy hour offer being perceived as less appealing:
Bad Happy Hour Offers to stay away from
  1. Minimal Discounts:
    • If the discounts offered during happy hour are minimal and do not significantly differ from regular prices, customers may not see the value in participating.
  2. Limited Drink Selection:
    • A happy hour with a very limited selection of discounted drinks, especially if it excludes popular or premium choices, may not attract a diverse range of customers.For example, if you offer a specials on Lite Beer you might attract one type of crowd, but if you offer a special on craft beer or specialty drinks you might attract a higher end clientele, which could ultimately stay for dinner.
  3. Short Duration:
    • If the happy hour is too short and doesn't give customers enough time to take advantage of the specials, it may not be as effective in drawing in patrons.
  4. Unattractive Food Options:
    • Offering unappealing or overpriced food options alongside drinks can discourage customers from participating in the happy hour.
  5. Limited to Bar ONLY:
    • The best customers are the ones that stay for dinner. Restricting your specials to the bar only is offensive and is a reason to support an establishment that treats its best customers well.
  6. Hidden Costs:
    • If there are hidden costs, such as undisclosed service charges or fees, customers may feel misled and be less likely to return.
  7. Inconsistent Quality:
    • If the quality of drinks or food during happy hour is noticeably inferior to regular offerings, it may leave a negative impression on customers.
  8. Unadvertised Specials:
    • Failing to effectively advertise happy hour specials can result in customers being unaware of the promotion, diminishing its impact.
  9. Unwelcoming Atmosphere:
    • If the ambiance or service during happy hour is subpar compared to regular hours, it can detract from the overall experience.
  10. Lack of Variety:
    • A lack of variety in terms of drink options, especially if the specials are repetitive or uninspired, may not appeal to a diverse customer base.
  11. Poor Timing:
    • Offering happy hour during non-peak hours or times when potential customers are unlikely to visit can reduce its effectiveness.
  12. Exclusion of Non-Drinkers:
    • If the happy hour promotions are exclusively focused on alcoholic beverages and neglect non-alcoholic options, it may alienate customers who do not consume alcohol.
  13. Overcrowded Space:
    • If the venue becomes excessively crowded during happy hour, resulting in long wait times and reduced service quality, it can negatively impact the customer experience.
  14. Complex Terms and Conditions:
    • Complicated or confusing terms and conditions for happy hour promotions may lead to frustration among customers and deter them from participating.
Bad Happy Hour Offers to stay away from
To create a successful happy hour offer, it's crucial to understand the preferences of the target audience, provide genuine value, and maintain consistency in quality and service throughout the promotion. Regularly seeking customer feedback can also help identify areas for improvement.

After5 Specials has programs to assist restaurants in the areas of improved customer service and increased profitability, without raising prices. If you know a restaurant that needs more customers or could you a hand on improving their service, send us an email.
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